Upcoming presentations and other news

I have three scheduled presentations over the next few months:

  • May 13-16 – “Finance as capital’s imagination?” at the Historical Materialism Conference, York University, Toronto ON.
  • June 15-20 – “The dialectic of value and imagination in an age of finance capitalism” at the Marxist Literary Group Summer Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish NS.
  • June 21-23 – “The dammed of the earth: reading the dam for global flows” at the Thinking With Water Symposium, McGill University, Montreal QC.

In other news,

  • I am wrapping up a new paper on Wal-Mart as a “space of risk and terror,” drawing on Randy Martin’s discussion of the paradigm of financialized “risk management” and “securitization” to discuss the way Wal-Mart transforms overlapping layers of social space.
  • I am working on a paper on the anarchism of Ursula K Le Guin, focusing on the problem of “authority” and the responsibility of the author.
  • I am preparing a paper on recent Hollywood children’s film, focusing on the figure of the space alien and arguing that, in a neoliberal moment where the future seems everywhere foreclosed, the alien arrives today as merely a harbinger of economic/ecological inevitability, rather than a ruptural Other or message from the future.
  • I am continuing to edit a forthcoming special issue of Affinities on the question “What is Radical Imagination?”
  • I am revising an article on the politics of remembering radical social movements and what I am calling “radical events.”  More broadly, this piece is a meditation on the importance of memory to “the commons” and the process of “commoning.”
  • I am editing the final draft of my dissertation which I intend to submit within the month and defend in May or June.