Upcoming presentations (Winter/Spring 2011)

  • January 15-16 – Alex Khasnabish and I will present a paper titled “Radicalizing Methods: ‘Convoking’ the Radical Imagination in Halifax, Nova Scotia” at the North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference in Toronto, ON.
  • February 7 – I’ll be presenting a talk titled “The creative work of Race: Questioning the “racelessness” of the creative economy” as the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, NS.
  • March 3-5 – Alex Khasnabish and I will present a paper titled “The Afterlife of the Global Justice Movement: Radical Imagination among Halifax Social Movements Ten Years After Seattle” at the People and Politics: Interactions Between Citizens and the Canadian State Conference at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.
  • March 18-19 – I’ll be speaking on the opening panel of the Halifax Solidarity II Working Conference in Halifax, NS.
  • (RESCHEDULED to April 1) – I’ll be presenting a talk titled “The financial crisis as a crisis of the imagination: fictitious capital and the foreclosure of the future” for the Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Dialogue Series in Halifax, NS.
  • April 29 – I’ll be on a panel titled “Capitalism isn’t working for Creators!” at this year’s Halifax MayWorks Festival, delivering a talk titled “Creative Class Struggles: a Very Brief History of the Imagination’s Fate under Capitalism.”
  • May 28-June 3 – At the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, University of New Brunswick/St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB :
    • I will be presenting a paper titled “The Creative Work of Race” at the Canadian Association of Commonwealth and Literature and Language Studies (CACLALS) meeting.
    • I will be presenting a paper titled “Metaphoric Wealth: Global Finance with a Difference”
      at the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE) meeting
    • I will be presenting at a roundtable titled “Smashing the Shadowbox: The Possibilities, Challenges, and Futures of Radical Research for Social Transformation” at the Society for Socialist Studies (SSS) .