"Blame Capitalism" by Evan Wondolowski
"Blame Capitalism" by Evan Wondolowski

After a whirlwind research trip to New York City and Occupy Wall Street I’m back in Halifax.  Here are a few things I’m doing with/about the Occupations:

  • A talk for the Visual Art Nova Scotia on “Creative Occupations: Art, Creative Labour and the Occupy Movement” on Tuesday, November 29, at 7pm.  Location TBA.
  • An article in the fantastic Fuse Magazine titled “Creativity (Pre-)Occupied: Thoughts on the creative struggles of the Occupations against financial capitalism,” due out in December but available here, in advance (check back shortly).
  • An article on Znet, “O15 Makes History: Taking Advantage of Divisions in the 1%, and Getting Serious
  • Periodic blog posts
  • Presenting at the “U of Occupy” teach-in at Kings College/Dalhousie University, Halifax, on November 16th.
  • More to come!