“Convoking the Radical Imagination” article to appear in Cultural Studies – Critical Methodologies

James Rose – General Assembly 2011

I’m very pleased to announce that an article I coauthored with my research collaborator Dr. Alex Khasnabish is to appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Cultural Studies<–>Critical Methodologies.  The article is titled: “Convoking the Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research, Dialogic Methodologies and Scholarly Vocations”

UPDATE: This artcle is now available online from SAGE:
The Abstract:

This article reflects critically on “The Radial Imagination: A Research Project About Movements, Social Change and the Future,” an engaged social movement research project conducted with self-identified “radical” activists in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In so doing, we explore a research strategy that seeks not merely to observe the radical imagination—the ability to envision and work toward better futures–but to convoke it: to mobilize the singular location of academic inquiry to create a research environment within which the radical imagination can be better understood. Through a critical examination of the project’s theoretical architecture and methodological framework we investigate the promises, possibilities, and difficulties implicated in critical social movement research carried out through a strategy of convocation, contrasting it with more conventional approaches to social movement research.