ReImagining Money and A People’s Bank (Nocturne 2013)

I’m pleased to announce that I have developed a new webpage for my ReImagining Money project at

The launch of that website corresponds to the announcement that I will be curating a space/project for this year’s Nocturne Art at Night Festival on October 19.

Here is the teaser

A People’s Bank

October 19, 2013 – 6pm-12am – The NSCAD University Library – 5163 Duke St, Halifax NS

Part of the Nocturne Art at Night Festival (

The financial crisis of 2008 and its aftermath of bailouts and austerity has demonstrated that the capitalist economy works for corporations and banks, not for the people. A People’s Bank (#apeoplesbank) transforms the NSCAD University library (a building that formerly housed a bank) into a zone to reimagine money and its power. Local and global artists experiment with coins, bills, credit cards and digital cash as media of expression, and visitors are encouraged to design their own utopian currencies.

This project is part of NSCAD professor Max Haiven’s ongoing ReImagining Money project aimed at revealing the everyday necromancy of the global economy. In a time of profound social, political and ecological crisis, how can we, together, reimagine money to serve human interests and support social justice?

Come join the experiment.


And here is a phenomenal piece by one of my absolute favourite money artists, Máximo González (

Máximo González "Basural sin paisaje" 2012 -
Máximo González “Basural sin paisaje” 2012 –