Art and Money course at the Halifax Public Library in January 2015

This January I’ll be offering my course Art and Money jointly through the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the brand new Central branch of the Halifax Public Library. The lectures are open to interested members of the public from 1-2pm every Tuesday starting January 6 and concluding April 14.  Registered students (and anyone else who would like to) stay from 2-4pm for the seminar portion of the class). For more information, please visit: In Art and Money, we examine three interconnected themes:

  • The growing financialization of the art world and art markets in an era of globalization.
  • The aesthetic and cultural dimensions and qualities of currency, debt and economic life
  • The work of artists who use money as a medium of expression, or who address money and economics directly as a key theme.

art and money poster 2015