What Moves Us: The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination


With my move to Thunder Bay to take up the post of Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University this winter my participation in the Radical Imagination Project, which Alex Khasnabish and I founded in 2010, is waning. While Alex is keeping the project going in Halifax, together we have edited a collection of essays and interviews with many (but by no means all) of the wonderful thinkers and activists we worked with over the past seven years. The collection, which is being co-published by the Radical Imagination Project, Upping the Anti and Fernwood Publishers, will be out later this summer.  Meanwhile, here is some information:


What Moves Us: The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination

Edited by Alex Khasnabish and Max Haiven

The Radical Imagination

What is it?
How is it generated?
How do we sustain it?
How does it thrive?

In this collection of original essays & interviews, diverse radical thinkers provide critical insights into the opportunities and challenges that confront struggles for social justice today.

Based on six years of collaboration under the Radical Imagination Project, directed by Alex Khasnabish & Max Haiven, the testimonies, theories & conversations in What Moves Us bring to life the inspiring & insightful stories of activism to change the world.


  • Glen Coulthard on anti-colonial political thought
  • Chris Dixon on organizing for the long haul
  • Silvia Federici on war, feminism, life & struggle
  • The Halifax Motherhood Collective on the powers  of social reproduction
  • El Jones on prison justice & inter-generational struggles
  • Gary Kinsman on queer &  anti-capitalist organizing
  • John Munroe on the power of history
  • Sherry Pictou on land & Indigenous relations to the commons
  • Jerome Roos on debt, the far right & publishing in the age of monsters
  • Isaac Saney on radical internationalism
  • Ardath Whynacht on mental health & collective care

For more information, visit radicalimagination.org/what-moves-us