Alternative Financial Literacy tour, Winter 2018

We’re looking for hosts and supporters in the Midwest and North-East USA for the first of what will hopefully be a series of radical financial literacy tours.

Under the banner of our nomadic misfit art/activism platform the University of the Phoenix, Cassie Thornton and I are developing a suite of workshops for community-groups, schools, libraries and other public venues.

To learn more about what we’re up to and find out how you can support it, please visit:

If you’re interested in my published work on the problems with conventional (neoliberal) financial literacy education, here’s an uncorrected draft (PDF) of a piece coming out in a few months in the journal Cultural Politics:

Max Haiven (2017). “The uses of financial literacy: Financialization, the radical imagination, and the unpayable debts of settler-colonialism.” Forthcoming in Cultural Politics.