Call for hosts: talks and workshops (2018/2019) – Art after Money, Money after Art

UPDATE: local organizers can find information like bios, talk descriptions, images and more here:

Dear friends,

This fall (2018) and winter (2019) I have some capacity and resources to travel in North America and Europe to deliver talks and workshops associated with my new book Art after Money, Money after Art: Creative Strategies Against Financialization, available now worldwide from Pluto Books (and from Between the Lines in Canada).

If you or someone or some institution you know might be interested in inviting me, I’d be much obliged if you/they could take a look at this info sheet and get in touch:

Potential talks

  • Art after money, money after art” (basic book talk, going over main themes)
  • Never mind the bitcoins: What art can teach us about organizing to transform money and abolish capitalism”
  • Three feminist money artists: Reimagining the economy”
  • Proletarian currencies: A hidden history of popular money subversions”
  • From wampum to weapon: Some colonial roots and legacies of capitalist money”

Potential workshops

  • Rebellious currencies: Designing money to coin the commons (presentation and interactive workshop designing currency games)
  • Artistic strategies for bankrupting financialization: Within/against/beyond (mainly for artists and arts professionals)
  • Colonial debts, extractive nostalgias, imperial insolvencies: Diving deeply into the racist and colonial roots and ramifications of today’s everyday and global debt and financial crises.

All the best, Max

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