“Are your children old enough to learn about May ’68?’: Recalling the radical event, refracting utopia and commoning memory” (article, chapter, interview)

An article, a book chapter and an audio interview about May 1968 and its legacies


Coming of Age in the Financialized Pokéconomy

In recognition of the Pokémon franchise with the release of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, I thought I’d share “Play: Coming of Age in the Speculative Pokéconomy,” a chapter from my 2014 book Cultures of Financialization: Fictitious Capital in Popular Culture and Everyday Life.

Art and Money: Three Aesthetic Strategies in an Age of Financialisation (in Finance and Society)

I’m pleased to announce that my essay “Art and Money: Three Aesthetic Strategies  in an Age of Financialisation” has been published in the inaugural issue of the post-disciplinary journal Finance and Society on the theme “Hard Cash.” You can read and download the article at http://financeandsociety.org/article/vol-1-no-1-2015-haiven/ Abstract Recent decades of financialisation have seen a significant growth…

Regarding the Dam | Watermark review essay

Late last year, I prepared a review essay regarding Edward Burtynksy and Jennifer Baichwal’s film Watermark for Harvard Design Magazine‘s 39th issue “Wet Matter.” Unfortunately, the HDM could only publish and abbreviated version because the issue was packed with a great variety of other fascinating material, all presented in a truly lovely package. Thanks to Pierre Bélanger, Jennifer Sigler and Leah Whitman-Salkin…

Reimagining our collective powers against austerity (BG/ROAR)

From http://roarmag.org/2015/06/max-haiven-common-austerity/ (In German) from Berliner Gazette Part 1 – http://berlinergazette.de/recht-auf-gemeinschaftseigentum/ Part 2 – http://berlinergazette.de/commons-als-menschenrecht/ The following edited text is based on an interview with Max Haiven by the Berliner Gazette on the topic of their annual theme UN|COMMONS. It is published under Creative Commons License. Established in the late 1990s, the Berliner Gazette is an online magazine and…

A short essay on Futures (2013) by Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge

I wrote the following short essay to accompany Carol Condé and Karl Beveridge’s exhibition’Scene Otherwise’ at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax April 17th – May 13th, 2015 (organized by NSCAD’s Anna Leonowens Gallery and part of the Mayworks Festival).

The Radical Imagination – now out (+excerpts)

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of our book The Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research in the Age of Austerity, now out from Zed Books and Fernwood Publishing. Purchase a copy Summary Chapters Endorsements Excerpts, reviews and interviews  Purchase a copy UK, Overseas and e-book: Zed Books USA: Macmillan Canada: Fernwood Publishing Kindle: Amazon Summary The idea of the imagination…