“Art, debt, capitalism and revenge” lecture at Slade

A video of an illustrated lecture I gave (virtually) at The Slade School at UCL in May.  It offers something of an overview of my work to date, encompassing, in a short 50 minutes my books The Radical Imagination, Cultures of Financialization, Art after Money, Money after Art and Revenge Capitalism.

In conversation with Phanuel Antwi about REVENGE CAPITALISM

I was thrilled to talk with my friend Dr. Phanuel Antwi about my new book Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts as part of my publisher Pluto‘s contribution to the Radical May series of online events. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rJuj1J2yyz4 AUDIO: