Speaking and Events


Is ours an age of revenge capitalism?

20 May 2020

Online (UCL IAS)

On 20 May (6pm BST) Max Haiven will deliver an online seminar at the UCL Institute for Advanced Study. Respondent: Esther Leslie.



  • June, Rijeka (Croatia) {postponed due to COVID-19}
    Artistic project with the Global Ports Authority as part of the 2020 European Capital of Culture
  • May 1, London {cancelled due to COVID-19}
    Presentation, “Is there a Marxist theory of revenge?” Marxism in Culture seminar, UCL Institute for Advanced Study
  • March 21, London {cancelled due to COVID-19}
    co-convenor (with Leigh Claire La Berge), Abstraction as Method workshop, UCL Institute for Advanced Study
  • March 13, Toronto {cancelled due to COVID-19}
    Keynote, Economies of Dispossession conference
  • February 24, Palestine
    “Art After Money, Money After Art” talk at Bard College/Al Quds University
  • February 22, Palestine
    “The Radical Imagination” talk at the AM Qattan Foundation


  • November 30, Thunder Bay
    “Our age of revenge” at the Brodie St. Library
  • November 7-10, London
    Talks at Historical Materialism
  • November 5-7, Antwerp
    Talk at Integrated 2019: The Radical Imagination
  • November 2, Rome
    Talk at MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
  • October 23, Thunder Bay
    “The economy of anxiety” at the Brodie St. Library
  • October 11-12, Durham NC
    Participation in Abolitionist University Studies conference
  • October 5, Toronto
    Co-organizer of The Bank, the Mine, the Colony, the Crime collaborative walking tour of Bay Street
  • September 21, Thunder Bay
    “The power and poverty of the imagination” at the Brodie St. Library
  • May 15-17, Winnipeg
    Keynote, Digitizing Justice conference, University of Winnipeg
  • May 1, Minneapolis
    Talk at Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies Initiative, University of Minnesota
  • April 25-28, Vancouver
    Co-organizer, Debt/Digital/Empire, Simon Fraser University
  • April 8, New York
    Talk at Unpayable Still: Debt in a Global Context at the Centre for Social Difference, Columbia University
  • April 5-6, Brighton
    Co-organizer, Global finance and The Ghosts of Empire, University of Sussex
  • March 7, Toronto
    Rebel Currencies workshop, OCAD University
  • February 25-27, Mexico City
    Keynote at Imaginacion politica: Encuentro internacional, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo/UNAM
  • February 9, Toronto
    Keynote at “Currents,” student-organized International Development Conference (IDC) at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)


  • November 2, Amsterdam
    Talk at the Sandberg Institute
  • November
  • March 24/25, Lisbon
    Talk at Cultura conference
  • February 2, Berlin
    Panel: “The violent imagination of the financial capitalismTransmediale festival





  • September 30, Sapporo (Japan), 2-6pm
    “Creativity and the Commons: Sharing the City and its Potentials.” Keynote at the International Forum of Media Arts City 2014 Aesthetics of Mediation: Creativity in an Age of Social Media, hosted by the City of Sapporo, Hokusho University, the Berliner Gazette and the Sapporo Media Arts Lab.
  • Sept 27-29, Sapporo (Japan), details TBA
    Panelist at Slow Politics: International Conference on Power & Creativity in an Age of Crisis, hosted by the Berliner Gazette and the Sapporo Media Arts Lab
  • Sept 17, Berlin, 2pm at the Hertie Forum Berlin (Friedrichstr. 180, Quartier 110)
    Currencies of Commons,” hosted by the Berliner Gazette and the Hertie Forum Berlin.
  • Sept 10, Istanbul, 6pm at SALT Beyoğlu (İstiklal Caddesi 136).
    “The financialization of cultural politics and contemporary social movements,” part of Aciliyet Mektebi (“Studio of Urgency”)
  • Sept 4, Thessaloniki (Greece), 8pm.
    Keynote panel at the Direct Democracy Festival.
  • August 21, Ottawa, 10:30am, University of Ottawa, Morisset Hall rm.250
    Book launch panel at the Peoples’ Social Forum.
  • April 13, Hamilton (Ontario)
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power
  • April 12, Toronto.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power and for TOPIA 30/31: The Financialized Imagination (edited by Max Haiven and Jody Berland)
  • April 12, Ottawa.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at 251Bank/Octopus Books.
  • April 11, Ottawa.
    Panel on academic labour, Carleton University
  • March 26, New York.
    “Money and Utopia” talk at the Graduate Program in Media Studies, The Pratt Institute.
  • March 27, New York.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at the Brecht Forum.
  • March 22, Amsterdam.
    “Money as Artistic Medium: Mediating Capital, Three Strategies” at MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives, coordinated by The Institute for Network Cultures.
  • March 19, Essex.
    “The dark arts of finance: Speculation, collaboration and artistic labour,” talk at the University of Essex Business School.
  • March 18, London.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at Cafe OTO Project Space.
  • March 17, Leicester.
    “Fictitious Capital, Metaphoric Wealth,” talk at the University of Leicester School of Management