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  • February 22, Palestine
    “The Radical Imagination” talk at the AM Qattan Foundation
  • February 24, Palestine
    “Art After Money, Money After Art” talk at Bard College/Al Quds University
  • March 13, Toronto
    Keynote, Economies of Dispossession conference
  • June, Rijeka (Croatia)
    Artistic project with the Global Ports Authority as part of the 2020 European Capital of Culture



  • November 30, Thunder Bay
    “Our age of revenge” at the Brodie St. Library
  • November 7-10, London
    Talks at Historical Materialism
  • November 5-7, Antwerp
    Talk at Integrated 2019: The Radical Imagination
  • November 2, Rome
    Talk at MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
  • October 23, Thunder Bay
    “The economy of anxiety” at the Brodie St. Library
  • October 11-12, Durham NC
    Participation in Abolitionist University Studies conference
  • October 5, Toronto
    Co-organizer of The Bank, the Mine, the Colony, the Crime collaborative walking tour of Bay Street
  • September 21, Thunder Bay
    “The power and poverty of the imagination” at the Brodie St. Library
  • May 15-17, Winnipeg
    Keynote, Digitizing Justice conference, University of Winnipeg
  • May 1, Minneapolis
    Talk at Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies Initiative, University of Minnesota
  • April 25-28, Vancouver
    Co-organizer, Debt/Digital/Empire, Simon Fraser University
  • April 8, New York
    Talk at Unpayable Still: Debt in a Global Context at the Centre for Social Difference, Columbia University
  • April 5-6, Brighton
    Co-organizer, Global finance and The Ghosts of Empire, University of Sussex
  • March 7, Toronto
    Rebel Currencies workshop, OCAD University
  • February 25-27, Mexico City
    Keynote at ​Imaginacion politica: Encuentro internacional, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo/UNAM
  • February 9, Toronto
    Keynote at “Currents,” student-organized International Development Conference (IDC) at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)


  • November 2, Amsterdam
    Talk at the Sandberg Institute
  • November
  • March 24/25, Lisbon
    Talk at Cultura conference
  • February 2, Berlin
    Panel: “The violent imagination of the financial capitalismTransmediale festival





  • September 30, Sapporo (Japan), 2-6pm
    “Creativity and the Commons: Sharing the City and its Potentials.” Keynote at the International Forum of Media Arts City 2014 Aesthetics of Mediation: Creativity in an Age of Social Media, hosted by the City of Sapporo, Hokusho University, the Berliner Gazette and the Sapporo Media Arts Lab.
  • Sept 27-29, Sapporo (Japan), details TBA
    Panelist at Slow Politics: International Conference on Power & Creativity in an Age of Crisishosted by the Berliner Gazette and the Sapporo Media Arts Lab
  • Sept 17, Berlin, 2pm at the Hertie Forum Berlin (Friedrichstr. 180, Quartier 110)
    Currencies of Commons,” hosted by the Berliner Gazette and the Hertie Forum Berlin.
  • Sept 10, Istanbul, 6pm at SALT Beyoğlu (İstiklal Caddesi 136).
    “The financialization of cultural politics and contemporary social movements,” part of Aciliyet Mektebi (“Studio of Urgency”)
  • Sept 4, Thessaloniki (Greece), 8pm.
    Keynote panel at the Direct Democracy Festival.
  • August 21, Ottawa, 10:30am, University of Ottawa, Morisset Hall rm.250
    Book launch panel at the Peoples’ Social Forum.
  • April 13, Hamilton (Ontario)
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power
  • April 12, Toronto.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power and for TOPIA 30/31: The Financialized Imagination (edited by Max Haiven and Jody Berland)
  • April 12, Ottawa.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at 251Bank/Octopus Books.
  • April 11, Ottawa.
    Panel on academic labour, Carleton University
  • March 26, New York.
    “Money and Utopia” talk at the Graduate Program in Media Studies, The Pratt Institute.
  • March 27, New York.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at the Brecht Forum.
  • March 22, Amsterdam.
    “Money as Artistic Medium: Mediating Capital, Three Strategies” at MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives, coordinated by The Institute for Network Cultures.
  • March 19, Essex.
    “The dark arts of finance: Speculation, collaboration and artistic labour,” talk at the University of Essex Business School.
  • March 18, London.
    Book Launch for Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power at Cafe OTO Project Space.
  • March 17, Leicester.
    “Fictitious Capital, Metaphoric Wealth,” talk at the University of Leicester School of Management


Please contact me if you would like me to come speak. Please note that I try and avoid speaking on panels composed exclusively of other white men and I observe in the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.