The Uses of Financial Literacy (Cultural Politics 2017)

Citation Haiven, Max. 2017. “The Uses of Financial Literacy: Financialization, the Radical Imagination, and the Unpayable Debts of Settler-Colonialism.” Cultural Politics 13 (3): 348–69. … Read more

“Confronting Financialization Demands a Radical Cultural Politics” in Public Seminar

Original: The following is a synoptic excerpt from the conclusion of Max Haiven’s Cultures of Financialization: Fictitious Capital in Popular Culture and Everyday Life, published … Read more

Participatory Art within, against and beyond Financialization (Cultural Studies)

Citation Haiven, Max. 2018. “Participatory Art within, against and beyond Financialization: Benign Pessimism, Tactical Parasitics and the Encrypted Common.” Cultural Studies 32 (4): 530–59. … Read more