On borders, financialization, movement and the imagination

Borders and money are conjoined technologies of the weaponized imagination rooted in colonialism and racial capitalism.

Reimagining our collective powers against austerity (BG/ROAR)

From http://roarmag.org/2015/06/max-haiven-common-austerity/ (In German) from Berliner Gazette Part 1 – http://berlinergazette.de/recht-auf-gemeinschaftseigentum/ Part 2 – http://berlinergazette.de/commons-als-menschenrecht/ The following edited text is based on an interview with Max Haiven by the Berliner Gazette on the topic of their annual theme UN|COMMONS. It is published under Creative Commons License. Established in the late 1990s, the Berliner Gazette is an online magazine and…