Counterspeculation: Podcast, audio-tour and blog

A podcast, audio-tour and blog series about finance and the imagination, organized and curated by Max Haiven and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou in collaboration with the UCL Urban Lab


What Moves Us: The Lives and Times of the Radical Imagination

An edited collection published jointly between The Radical Imagination Project, Upping the Anti and Fernwood Publishing, October 2017

“The Debt of Creativity” TED Talk

In March, I delivered a TED Talk at TEDxNovaScotia on “The Debt of Creativity,” which was about debt, creativity, the radical imagination, Gustav Courbet, student loans, indentured labour, the Paris Commune, globalization and whatever else I could cram into my 15 minutes of fame. I’m not a huge fan of TED talks, but I hope…

New Radical Imagination Project website

As a co-director (with Alex Khasnabish) of the Radical Imagination Project, I’m pleased to announce the launch of your new website, which has a lot of information on the research and activities we’ve been engaged in, including writing, videos and news.  Eventually, this website will be a platform to share clips of the interviews and…

The Radical Imagination

“The Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research in the Age of Austerity”, by Max Haiven and Alex Khasnabish, published by Zed Books and Fernwood Publishing in July 2014.

“Convoking the Radical Imagination” article to appear in Cultural Studies – Critical Methodologies

I’m very pleased to announce that an article I coauthored with my research collaborator Dr. Alex Khasnabish is to appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Cultural Studies<–>Critical Methodologies.  The article is titled: “Convoking the Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research, Dialogic Methodologies and Scholarly Vocations” UPDATE: This artcle is now available online from SAGE:…

Against the Grain Radio Interview, ESC Reader’s Forum, Platypus Talk

On January 23, 2012, the fabulous KPFA Berkeley radio show Against The Grain broadcast a feature-length interview (1h) with me about the themes and arguments in my article “Are your children old enough to learn about May ’68?: Recalling the radical event, refracting utopia and commoning memory,” published last Spring in Cultural Critique.  Many thanks…

New polemic essay: Undead Ideologies: Necro-Neoliberalism, Necro-Keynesianism and the Radical Imagination

My new polemic essay, titled “Undead Ideologies: Necro-Neoliberalism, Necro-Keynesianism and the Radical Imagination” is now posted at Znet (  Here is the introductory paragraph: The 2008 financial crisis has left us bereft of any meaningful mainstream political imagination. Indeed, the political spectrum today appears like a preposterous zombie film, with undead ideologies shambling across the…