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Despite loud pronouncements by the ruling Liberal Party in Ottawa, and despite the earnest good intentions of many Canadians who desperately want to right the genocidal wrongs that the nation has done to Indigenous people, Indigenous people have no partner for reconciliation. By this I mean that the political bodies and organizations that offer to reconcile on behalf of the nation’s settlers are incapable of truly offering a just resolution and charting a new direction. Today, those settler institutions are primarily the nation-state of Canada and its devolved governments (provincial, municipal) and, secondarily, either public institutions (universities, libraries, school boards) or private firms. The problem is that the entire orientation and existence of all these institutions is founded in the structures of settler colonialism that make it impossible for any of them, even despite the goodwill and earnestness of their managers, to truly offer a form of reconciliation that is not, at the same time, an attempt to assimilate Indigenous people, institutions and