“Is Marx still a threat?” Extrablatt (Arts of the Working Class)

In February of 2022, the German Historical Museum in Berlin will open an exhibition on “Karl Marx and Capitalism.” They asked the Berlin-based bimonthly newspaper Arts of the Working Class (AWC) to prepare a special supplement  in response, and the newspaper asked me to co-edit it with AWC co-founder María Inés Plaza Lazo.

AWC has just published an eight-page selection of original texts and excerpts (with online versions to come) dedicated to such provocative questions as:

  • “Is Marx still a threat?”
    Editorial note from María Inés Plaza Lazo & Max Haiven
  • “How are anti-Marxism, anti-Blackness and imperialism connected?”
    Charisse Burden Stelly
  • “Who belives in ‘cultural Marxism‘?”
    Marc Tuters
  • “Why is an analysis of race and racism crucial to understanding capitalism?”
    Gargi Bhattacharyya
  • “Was Marx a conspiracy theorist?”
    Erica Lagalisse
  • “Marx for cats: Are humans and felines allies in the class struggle?”
    Leigh Claire la Berge
  • “Marxism and disability
    Keith Rosenthal
  • “Was Marx a fetishist?”
    J. Lorand Matory
  • “Was Marx interested in the effects of capitalist growth on nature?”
    John Bellamy Foster
  • “Was hat das Problem der entfremdung mit der entfremdeten arbeit bei Marx auf sich?
    Rahel Jaeggi
  • “Karl Marx und der Kapitalismus
    Sabine Kritter & Jürgen Herres

Copies of the Extrablatt are included in issue 19 of the newspaper, which can be found at arts institutions around the world and sold  street vendors in Berlin. Images and a PDF of the Extrablatt are below.

PDF: https://maxhaiven.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/AWC19_Extrablatt.pdf