Mobilizing Hearts and Minds (free course, fall 2023)

It is a pleasure to work with Sarah Stein Lubrano to offer social movement protagonists (artists, activists, thinkers, doers) a free 12-week course (in 3x 4-week chunks) on the topic “Mobilizing Hearts and Minds: The Art and Infrastructure of Persuasion.”

In this course for people who want to change the world, we’re exploring a common problem: we’re faced with a huge number of people who are skeptical or cynical or stuck in unquestioned beliefs that allow those in power to continue to wreck everything.

How can we change people’s minds and create the conditions where they not only support but join the movements for radical change we desperately need?

Watch a 10-minute welcome video from Max and Sarah

We all know changing people’s minds is vital, but how is it done? A lot of our models are outdated, either framing people simply as rational actors or ideological robots. We’re way behind the advertising industry and dangerous elements of the far right in reconsidering what actually changes minds. 

In this course, we’ll learn from cutting edge science and alternative philosophy to have a series of 12 conversations about how minds change for social, economic, racial and climate justice.

Through facilitated conversations, carefully selected readings, engaging tutorials and role-plays and exercises, we will teach one another how new thinking and the wisdom of social movements can be shared to help change the world.

The course has three four-week sections. Our application form is an application to join for the first four weeks of the course, with an option to renew and join the second and third sections of the course. We will take new applications to join the second and third sections of the course as space arises.