Zero Credit: Countering the Dreams of Techno-Finance (TOPIA)

TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies has published its 45th issue, mostly made up of a section edited by Benjamin J. Anderson, Enda Brophy and I (Max Haiven) and made up of some very compelling work.

You can find the issue here:

I’ve linked here to PDFs of these articles, which are unfortunately otherwise paywalled.

  • Introduction: Zero Credit” (Benjamin Anderson, Enda Brophy, Max Haiven)

Themed articles

Themed commentaries and roundtables

This project is the culmination of a several-years long collaboration between me, Ben and Enda. It also included…

Digital/Debt/Empire short interventions series (2019)

One of the first manifestations of our collaboration was a special stream of the New York’s New School’s online platform Public Seminar in 2019. It included:

The Digital/Debt/Empire symposium (2019)

In April of 2019 we held a three-day event of public talks, workshops and a symposium in Vancouver, including presentations and participation from people including Brenna Bhandar, Glen Coulthard, Iyko Day, Noah Fischer, Alyosha Goldstein, Iolanda Fresnillo, Peter James Hudson, Anne Larson, Frances Negrón-Muntaner, Jerome Roos, Cassie Thornton and Alberto Toscano.