“Art, debt, capitalism and revenge” lecture at Slade

A video of an illustrated lecture I gave (virtually) at The Slade School at UCL in May.  It offers something of an overview of my … Read more

Colonial Debts, Extractive Nostalgias, Imperial Insolvencies intervention series

In September 2018 the UK-based scholarly online platform Discover Society published a short selection of texts edited by Clea Bourne, Paul Gilbert, Max Haiven and … Read more

Participatory Art within, against and beyond Financialization (Cultural Studies)

Citation Haiven, Max. 2018. “Participatory Art within, against and beyond Financialization: Benign Pessimism, Tactical Parasitics and the Encrypted Common.” Cultural Studies 32 (4): 530–59. https://doi.org/10.1080/09502386.2017.1363260 … Read more