Empires of Pain: A Story of Racism, Opioids and Revenge (graphic novel)

It is my great pleasure to present “Empires of Pain: A story of Racism, Opioids and Revenge,” a short 15-page web-comic I produced along with Hugh Goldring of Petroglyph/AdAstra Comix and beautifully illustrated by Pia Alizé Hazarika. –> empiresofpain.com
The comic is an adaptation of chapter 4 of my recently published book Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts titled “Our opium wars: pain, race, and the ghosts of empire.”  The book is available worldwide in print and ebook formats from Pluto and can be purchased at a 30% discount in using the code REVENGE30 at checkout.

The whole comic can be read, downloaded and shared at empiresofpain.com

The comic also includes a short essay introducing the web-comic in light of last week’s $8 billion court settlement that will see Purdue Pharma, the firm with so much blood on its hands for the crisis, go bankrupt and dissolve. It also includes an audio interview about the topic with me from CS Soong of KPFA’s program Against the Grain.
For those of you who are teachers, it is my hope that this web-comic might serve as a useful classroom tool to get students talking a bout the entanglements of racist, capitalism, policy, history, society and movements. Please do let me know what they think!