“Participatory art within, against and beyond financialization” appears in Cultural Studies

After a lengthy wait my article “Participatory art within, against and beyond financialization: Benign pessimism, tactical parasitics and the encrypted common” has been published by the journal Cultural Studies.


“Creativity and the Commons” in STIR.

My article “Creativity and the Commons” has appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of STIR, a magazine about co-ops, community and commons. You can order a copy here: http://stirtoaction.com/

“Financial Totalitarianism” in Truth-Out [plus video]

Truth-out has published an article where I try and lay out, in as plain terms as possible, the idea of “financialization” as a form of totalitarianism that works on the economic, political, social and cultural levels. Check it out: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/16911-financial-totalitarianism-the-economic-political-social-and-cultural-rule-of-speculative-capital Or, you can watch it as a video essay at http://vimeo.com/maxhaiven/financial-totalitarianism And also this interview…