Here is a selection of audio and video lectures or performances:

On art and creativity

(audio, 15m) Talking with Rachel O’Dwyer about the relationship between art and money on Soundsdoable/Culture File in 2018: link (note there are three files)

(video, 45m) Talking about the connection between art, money and financialization at the South East Asia Forum, part of the Singapore Art Stage art fair in 2017: link

(video, 15m) That time I did a TedX talk on “The Debt of Creativity” in 2011 link

(video, 30mins) “Money as Artistic Media: Coins of the Realm,” illustrated lecture originally prepared for the Dunedin School of Art (NZ)’s “Art and Money” symposium in August of 2013: link

(video, 18m) “Money as Artistic Medium: Mediating Capital, Three Strategies” at the first Moneylab gathering, hosted by the Institute for Network Cultures (Amsterdam, 2014): link

On the commons and struggle

(video, 45m) “The arts of commoning and the design of the commons,” a presentation as part of the Future Places Festival (Porto, 2015): link

(audio, 50min) “Marx’s Vindication or Marx’s Revenge?200 Anos del Marx conference hosted by Bloco de Esquerda (Lisbon, 2018) (starts at  14:20 mark): link

(audio, 50mins) Commoning Memory (talking about radical imagination, social movements, and the present-day resonances of May 1968) on Against the Grain:

(audio, 50mins) University struggles in an age of  cognitive capitalism on Against the Grain:

(audio, 50mins) Financialization’s Reach (an overview of the intertwined economic, political, sociological and cultural dimensions of financialization) on Against the Grain:

On financialization

(audio, 15m) Talking about financialization, race, extraction, colonialism and violence at a Transmediale 2018 session on “The Violent Imagination of Financial Capitalism” with Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Amel Ouaïssa and Nina Power: link (14m-30m mark)

(audio, 30m) “The logic of financialization is a poison in our hearts and our minds” on This is Hell!: link

(video, 5m) A 5-minute interview about financialization, as part of Michael Truscello’s 2011 film Capitalism is the Crisis: link

(video, 30mins) “Financial Totalitarianism: The Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Rule of Speculative Capital” illustrated video version of an article originally published in Truthout: link

(audio, 50mins) Financialization and its Discontents (a story about gentrification, colonialism, urban property and invasive species and revenge) on Against the Grain: